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All-in-one backend server for API-driven software development with

integrated and production-ready database, API and permissions.

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Open Source

It`s free, open and developer-friendly. Take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible and use less code. Built fast, smart and flexible.


A simple API (RPC) allows you to use your favorite transport format (e.g. JSON, XML) and connect your data and applications seamlessly. Stay radically extensible with high language and protocol agnostic.

Relational + Graph

karma.run`s radically new concept combines the consistency of traditional SQL with the flexibility of NoSQL databases. Use it like traditional RDBMS as well as object-oriented graph models.

Powerful Query Engine

Write full-featured, complex programs that manipulate your data imperatively, performing complex tasks and data processes. We provide a JavaScript SDK for simple and easy use.

Flexible Permission Model

ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control) enables you to write rules that check attributes of data objects to decide if a certain user should be able to access or change the object in question.

Data Integration

Powerful tools for integrating, transforming, and securing data of any kind, from any source, at a massive scale. Use one simple API to build and manage complex ETL processes (extract, transform, load).

Schemata Migrations

Continuous schemata migrations are a key feature of karma.run. Rather than just adding or removing fields we allow you to permanently connect two data objects together by providing a mapping function between them.


Manage your content, applications and backend operations through an easy-to-use frontend editor. We take care of the hassle of development and database management so that you can start building instantly.

De-/Centralized Deployment

Deploy karma.run`s compact binary on-premise or in the cloud. From single instance to highly scalable container clusters. Karma.run can run on Kubernetes.

Why karma.run?


Developing projects with karma.run is much easier and faster.
Its a powerful all-in-one tool for agile software engineering.


Future Proof

karma.run is highly scalable and open for new platforms due to its plug-in concept.
Integrate data, applications and new features seamlessly.


Higher Productivity

Frontend Developers can focus on the important work without spending time on backend setup.
Easy-to-use solutions and tools for better control, time and cost efficiency.

Flexibility | Scalability | Security

karma.run is an integrated data storage server that enables developers to build, scale and manage applications and simplify data processes. It combines the advantages of traditional SQL with the flexibility of NoSQL. The primary objective of karma.run is to make your data management flexible, consistent and integral. This helps to simplify the change management of your applications and keeps your data agile over time.


Powerful Data Engine

karma.run has a data-integrated virtual machine that allows you to persist structured, recursive data-structures with ACID semantics. In addition, you can also run complex programs to transform, manipulate, and enrich your data sets. To interact with karma.run, use its RPC interface which is available in several transport formats like JSON.


Engineering | Support | Services

For companies with advanced requirements we offer an Enterprise Edition with comprehensive services, technical support and additional features for highest scalability, security and reliability. We support companies with our expertise in developing, optimizing and managing customer-specific data applications.


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