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Data Engineers & Full-Stack Developer at heart. is a deep-tech company from Zurich that develops smart data solutions for today's challenges. We combine professionalism, responsibility and innovation in our entrepreneurial culture. Our knowledge and experience in database engineering and software development enables us to provide comprehensive end-to-end services. Therefore our partners and customers trust in our ability to take on challenges and solve them.

The Team

A trusted partner with a track record of 13 years.

The Mission

A technological challenge we wanted to meet.

The number and variety of data, applications and interfaces has increased rapidly in recent years. Today, data must be continuously stored, transformed and distributed for applications, services and analysis. Additionally modern applications require flexible data schema that accommodate the great variety of data types. However, conventional SQL databases (RDBMS) do not meet these requirements, because they use a strict, predefined data schema and make the gradual development of data models complex and time-consuming. Most databases are organized in tables, while applications use an object-oriented structure. As a result, developers had to constantly extract subsets of data, transform it and load it into applications at great effort.

This has led to problems with data legacy, complex data processes and rigid IT architectures limiting many developers over time. Modern databases (NoSQL), on the other hand, provide the flexibility and scalability needed to process multi-structural data and store it on clustered databases. However, they often lack data validation and consistency to serve as an operational database. With this in mind, we have developed a database technology from scratch that combines the advantages of traditional database systems (SQL) with the flexibility and scalability of modern NoSQL databases - Our mission is to create database systems that meet the requirements of modern applications and not the other way around.

The Technology

A radically new concept for data and application management. is a data storage server. It has a data-integrated virtual machine that allows you to persist structured, recursive data-structures with ACID semantics. To interact with, you can use its RPC interface. It is available in several transport formats like JSON. You can reach the RPC interface through several protocols such as HTTP(S). The database system supports multi-structural data models and can validate, aggregate and transform data from different sources into the data formats and schema needed. This means that besides the consistent storage of data, it can also execute complex programs for transformation, manipulation and enrichment of data sets directly in the database via the virtual machine. Therefore it can also be used for data processing, normalization and other ETL-processes (extract, transform, load) with a simple API.`s continuous-data-migration is a unique feature that allows to permanently connect two data objects together by providing a mapping function between them. As a result, data can be continuously transformed and made available for multiple applications, services or analyses regardless of its origin, structure or format. This allows developers to meet new business needs in a time- and cost-efficient manner and solve common problems with data legacy, application sunsetting or cross-platform integration. Furthermore, it also increases data agilty and simplifies the application change management.`s aim is to tackle urgent challenges of modern software development and offer developers cutting-edge solutions based on real technological innovation.

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